9. The torch doesn’t work with fully charged battery.

Please contact our local dealers near you to replace the circuit board if the battery voltage was tested within the normal range (individual batteries: 2.7~4.3V, battery packs: 10.8~17V). If the battery voltage <0.5V, please replace the battery with a new one. (A kind reminder that please use original DIVEPRO charger for battery charging, otherwise no battery warranty will be provided.)

1 thought on “9. The torch doesn’t work with fully charged battery.”

  1. Hi,
    I bought this M35 at the January Boot show in Duesseldorf. It has never been underwater, due to Covid travel restrictions.
    I can charge the battery up, and get a blue signal light after a long press. However the light does not go on at all after a short press.
    What is the problem please?

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