DIVEPRO S10 Colorful 1000Lumens Small Compact Diving Torch Dive light

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6 reviews for DIVEPRO S10 Colorful 1000Lumens Small Compact Diving Torch Dive light

  1. Ian James (verified owner)

    We’ve been looking for a good dive torch in Australia for a long time until I bought S10 from DIVEPRO, We had a night dive where only one diver was carrying the S10 and you could easily tell when she was around because her torch (even not charged fully) was super bright. We’re so happy with the DIVEPRO torch and the excellent service provided.

  2. Maxime Dumortier (verified owner)

    I really like them.I tested this one underwater for 50min which is 45 meters deep. I also tested operating the light underwater through all the modes and it had no issues. This torch is simple to operate and is bright both in and out of the water. I would recommend this torch to my friends!

  3. Mike Belshaw (verified owner)

    This torch size makes it convenient to carry, the 18650 3400mAh battery provides longer runtime (compared to their 2600mAh)).DIVEPRO has produced many high quality lights and their products are appreciated by simple needs users as well as very specific use, technical users.If there’s any issues, they will also provide great service.

  4. Nathan Durrington (verified owner)

    I’m so pleased with this torch after I dived 10 times. Light is very bright and button switch is easy to use on underwater.

  5. Radi issa

    Brought this DIVEPRO S10 torch for my diving trip, it works well. I am extremely pleased with the performance of this torch, I like it very much!

  6. Kit

    Seems can be used only underwater unlike other brands ex. Lycan 1200


      It is also available on land, thank you for your attention.

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