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To Understand DIVEPRO Product Names

Recently customers often ask us for some guidance with our model numbers. What the G, W, V, WV, CL represents and also the F, Pro, Plus at the end of our products. Here is a brief description of how our lights are named.

The G means Video Light which will have high lumens and CRI (color rendering index).

The W means Video Light which will have wireless charging function.

The V means Video Light which will have an ultra wide beam 170° ( underwater 160°).

The WV means Video Light which will have both an ultra wide beam AND wireless charging function.

The MP means macro photo.

The CL means canister light.

The numbers on our lights correlate to the lumen output  e.g.,  G12 means 12000lm, G18 means 18000lm, W30 means 30000lm.

The F at the end refers to flood light (e.g. D6F, D40F, D80F, D90F)

Plus means long battery pack (8*18650).

Pro means extremely high CRI 98

We hope this helps explain our product naming system. If you still need help or have other questions, please feel free to email us at .

Thank you for your continuous attention and support to DIVEPRO!

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